Thursday, April 9, 2015

Scarlet Drops

Sometimes it's the little things that get to you.

You know those times - when you checked your sugar and hit a geyser - or at least it seemed like it! Thin and high shooting in whatever direction you turned your fingertip while staring in horror before you scramble for a tissue to clean up "all that blood!" when it's really only a few drops they're just squirted in teeny droplets everywhere.

Get a couple of those in a month and you start worrying about everything:

           "I can't wear white - what if...?"
                       "I can't check now, my friend decorated their bathroom in light

      "Why did I choose light grey as sheet colors!!"

Ultimately, you stress, you cup your fingertip in anticipation, and then it doesn't happen again for a year, or more. How does it happen anyway, and why so infrequently?

             Note to self - don't Google - blood testing "arterial spray" - again
             - results very disturbing!

I am guessing it's some sort of "lucky hit" to an arterial capillary or something. Google searches just turned up a lot of disturbing hospital stories, which is unsurprising given some of my visits and others I've heard of.

Really - in the end, it's a pretty small thing to worry about it, with blood sugars, highs, lows, complications, carb counting and all of the other daily juggling we do.

              Isn't it?