Thursday, April 9, 2015

Scarlet Drops

Sometimes it's the little things that get to you.

You know those times - when you checked your sugar and hit a geyser - or at least it seemed like it! Thin and high shooting in whatever direction you turned your fingertip while staring in horror before you scramble for a tissue to clean up "all that blood!" when it's really only a few drops they're just squirted in teeny droplets everywhere.

Get a couple of those in a month and you start worrying about everything:

           "I can't wear white - what if...?"
                       "I can't check now, my friend decorated their bathroom in light

      "Why did I choose light grey as sheet colors!!"

Ultimately, you stress, you cup your fingertip in anticipation, and then it doesn't happen again for a year, or more. How does it happen anyway, and why so infrequently?

             Note to self - don't Google - blood testing "arterial spray" - again
             - results very disturbing!

I am guessing it's some sort of "lucky hit" to an arterial capillary or something. Google searches just turned up a lot of disturbing hospital stories, which is unsurprising given some of my visits and others I've heard of.

Really - in the end, it's a pretty small thing to worry about it, with blood sugars, highs, lows, complications, carb counting and all of the other daily juggling we do.

              Isn't it?


  1. It seems like as soon as I forget to worry about it - it happens again. :)

  2. Oh yes, I've been there!!! Once all over my beige and light tan couch. And once, all over my white t-shirt and face in the middle of running errands. It was quite embarrassing to go into Whole Foods looking like I just came from a crime scene!!

    But no worry is too small. And I like this one, because I can always find a bit of humor in it. :) Great post!!

    1. Oh yes - isn't that the worst?? "Nothing to look at here people - Move along" :-) Thanks!

  3. Nice to see you blogging, Susan!