Wednesday, May 13, 2015

House Cleaning

Well... with regards to the "Cleaning Out the Diabetes Closet" theme, from a  physical supplies perspective, I'm doing pretty well.

          My husband would interject here - try cleaning out your other closet!
                      And your dresser!
                                   And your desk!

So other than a few hundred lancets I may never use

                 (and who doesn't have too many of those!)

                                     My Diabetes Closet could stand to have one thing ditched...


 Excuses like:

          It's too late to exercise...

                            I'm too tired to exercise...

                                               Basal checks are such a hassle!

                                               I want to train for the Ride to Cure but...

                              My bike isn't a road bike...

         Where will I bike to train?

It's gonna be so hot soon...

OK Cleaning!

         I have a bike to start training with!

                      Biking after hours with water is workable.


                        Let's do this!

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