Sunday, May 17, 2015

Let's keep going, and going, and going...

Day 7 of #DBlogWeek
I've quite enjoyed my first DBlogWeek. I've read (and honestly am still reading - there's a lot of them!) many new blogs! The two I'll point out here, which are by no means the only two I enjoyed, I pick out for two completely different reasons.

First, one of the new friends I made at #DUnCon2015, Laddie, has a wonderful blog I'd like to share. She blogs at Test, Guess and Go, and I really enjoy not only her puppy Abby's contributions, but Laddie's dialogues on long term Type 1 Diabetes. While she hasn't had it quite as long as me, we've been through many of the same trials and tribulations, and having met at #DUnCon, and then again for lunch near home later, I really feel a great new friendship has formed.

The second blog I'd like to point out is that of Brian from TuDiabetes. His Type 2 Diabetes blog, particularly this one, I find inspirational and educational about Type 2. I've tried to explain so many times to people, even my own father-in-law, that Type 2 is NOT "all their own fault", that's there is so much more to it. Most of the Type 2's I know don't even fall within the awful stereotype. My own father developed Type 2 in his 80's, is very thin and guess what - he still has it! Public perception of Type 2 needs to change.

OK getting off my tiny soap box now. Brian has some great observations of Type 2 from one who lives it and who is very in touch with the medical community and the Diabetes community as a whole. I urge anyone who has any interest in Type 2, or Diabetes in general, to take a look.

OK that's all for this week. I hope you all enjoyed!

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