Friday, May 15, 2015

My Wild and Crazy D-Life!

OK it's not that wild or even that crazy,  but in the interests of Day #5 of #DBlogWeek, I'll pulling the Crazy Stories Wildcard today: Diabetes can sure bring some crazy moments.  So tell us your Top 3 craziest D related stories!  If you can't think of three, don't worry.  We're just as happy with one or two . . . .

Let's see...

The earliest story I remember is from elementary school. I was a toddler when diagnosed and don't remember that time at all. I remember from kindergarten sitting on a garden swing and drinking juice. It turns out, what I don't remember, is that I wandered out of class, down a few roads, across a small highway, across the Electric company Right-of-Way and into this nice lady's backyard and sat on her swing. She somehow got my phone number out of me and called home, where I believe my Mom told her to give me juice. How I eluded teachers and got that far safely is beyond me, but it all turned out well. Same thing happened - later the same year I believe, but the principal was driving by and picked me up off the highway where I was walking. I think, ultimately, I was going home. Home was quite a bit further away but I was going the right way!

Another story is more fragmented. My lows - what I called insulin reactions growing up, changed over the years. From a young age I hallucinated - that's the earliest manifestation I remember. When I got a little older - say pre-teen - a much scarier type happened. The first time, I woke up, knew something was terribly wrong, sat up and screamed "Mom!!" and was then paralyzed. I couldn't move a muscle. The parents came in and saw me awake, with my eyes open, but stiff as a board. They moved me downstairs somehow, carrying me awkwardly. I wasn't talking. I think they thought I lost my ability to understand, because they talked to me, then said the same things slower, I understood everything going on and what they were saying - I just couldn't respond. They finally started feeding me something - juice with sugar probably - or honey spoonfuls (gag!). Just before they decided to bring me to the hospital I started coming out of it. It only happened a couple times, but it was pretty bad. I had less serious occurrences in college twice, but each time I could at least walk (sort of) and get myself juice... And call a friend... and scare the hell out of her saying nothing but "Iiiinnnnnsssulliiiiinnnnnn" - Heh - but that's another story.

Third story - well I won't go in depth into it here, because Andrew Curry, working with ADA, did it for me here: Going Low. The only additional info is that I saw my sugar at 60 but the meter actually read 40 - and when I came to, it was 37, so I literally spent 8 hours between 40 and 37 unconscious on the floor. I changed my life and care a bit after that one.

Well that's my crazy D-Life! I hope you "enjoyed"!

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