Tuesday, May 12, 2015

What I won't tell...

As of late, I talk a lot about my Diabetes.
               I mean - A LOT

                                Kinda driving the hubby insane, in fact.

              I may lose Facebook friends because of it - well not lose
              them but they may stop following me....

But that's life. Right now, this is my passion. In fact, I've never felt more passionate about sharing my life with Diabetes, and conversely learning more about other people's lives with Diabetes. And I am sharing, and telling all...

Well... almost all...

              There are one or two things I don't speak of much.

       Maybe I will some day,

                       At least in more detail,

                                                                But not today.

Suffice it to say I suffer from depression, some diabetes related, some not, but I don't speak of it much, and I'm not going to say much of it here.

I do want to mention it though, I think a lot of people with Diabetes suffer depression.

     Consider the average person

                A Job                       spouse                   kids
          Gym membership                Club memberships       kids sports and clubs

                    Now, add constant attention to sugars

                                Counting every carb

                                           And when it doesn't work
                   handling the fallout

It's a lot to handle, and we don't all handle it well.

                      Thank you for your patience with us.


  1. And while you don't talk about your depression (so far anyway), I think it's good to mention it. I wonder how many feel depressed but are afraid to reach for help. Maybe your post today will help someone understand that they aren't alone!!

  2. Sometimes the real world doesn't understand diabetes and the DOC. It's a constant balancing act. Then throw in depression.... You're doing fine and just touch base online and spare your poor hubby the D-discussions.

  3. I am so so so happy that you are blogging! <3 I'm with Liz ^ . Some one who needed to read that read it today. Perfect post!

  4. Dang - I just went to publish my comment ... and bing .. disappeared - when I came back to reality ... in a nutshell - made friends with a T1D the other day ... she's still coming to terms with it after 11 years. She was surprised that even a 1/2 century diagnosed gal like myself gets depressed ... with everything whirled together in my food processor of a brain ... shit happens ... I don't like myself that way ... but luckily ... with others like you Susan who come out in the open ... it helps us all cope one day at a time. Even better? I think I may have enticed her to come to #Duncon on the east coast ... boy oh boy ... another one for the family get together ...

    1. Heh - not sure why this showed up on this port :-) Yay Anna! keep "recruiting"! I may sneak my way into the East coast one just cuz!